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Caldecote Playing Fields and the Corona Pandemic.

The Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown was relaxed to some degree in mid-July and the club was open but with important changes to protect staff and customers. We enjoyed some friendly games of cricket, but the season is over and Football started; only to stop again as a further lockdown was imposed.

Caldecote won our first game 2-0 against Riseley; a good start but it will now be late March 2021 before a return to football can be contemplated.










.: Caldecote Playing Fields Association

The club holds events for all interests throughout the year. We have quiz nights, bingo, race nights, seasonal theme events, luncheon parties and our Village Show. The events page on this website will keep you informed.

Multiple Use Games Area (MUGA).

Football: Seniors £18.00 per hour Juniors £10.00 per hour
(including the use of Floodlights)
Netball: £15.00 per match or £20 party rate for MUGA
Tennis: £5.00 per hour
Block bookings - 20% discount for a season (Sept-April). To book please phone 01767 317481 or email mickswales@hotmail.com

The Club also supports Netball, Darts, Skittles, Pool and Petanque






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